In an experience-based training, I combine the benefits of training tools and coaching methods. Through a fictional story, the participants gain practical experience (teaching drama). After they process the given situation (coaching) I introduce the participants to methodological tools, which, by mastering and safe testing, they can use well in their daily lives (training).

I deliver thematic sessions based on the specific needs of the group. During the practical parts, participants sometimes work on their own and sometimes in groups where they can test their solutions to social situations.

Business methodology training

  • Project management in practice
  • Organizational change management in person and online
  • Authorization and delegation
  • Tools for motivating team members
  • Useful prioritization tools in projects
  • Customer communication for IT and customer service professionals
  • Constructive and stress-reductive conflict management
  • Efficient time management

Who am I?: self-improvement training

  • Increasing emotional competence
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Designating boundaries to strengthen internal stability
  • Developing resilience

Sensitizing training for schools with improvisational actors

  • Adolescents with each other: girls vs boys, who wants what? What should I do to be noticed?
  • Adolescents with each other: communication on Viber
  • Adolescents with each other: What should I do if I am excluded?
  • Adolescents and their parents: Go out, Mum!